Letter of Agency

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Aerial view of Duarte neighborhood

As you may be aware, Duarte has been experiencing a drop in burglaries, thefts, and vandalisms, citywide. However, businesses appear to be a frequent target as of late.

Regardless, whether you are a resident or business owner in Duarte, know that law enforcement personnel may not act on certain crimes without your permission. In order to give them permission, you must provide a Letter of Agency (LOA).

An LOA establishes that a business or resident has authorized the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASD) to act on their behalf to arrest or remove individual(s) for trespassing and theft of utilities for a defined period of time.

Find an LOA below, as well as guidelines to help you in the process. Please contact the Public Safety Office at (626) 357-7938 if you have any questions. We are on standby to help you.